Luottamuksen löyly co-operative

Luottamuksen löyly co-operative (later Löyly) focuses on blockchain consultancy. Our focus is on blockchain and cryptography consultation, proof-of-concepts and technological implementations. We  support all blockchain platforms because it is too early to bet on the winning horse. Our key task is to enable you to succeed in understanding the right platform and pilot and implement the blockchain into your operations.

Our Offering:

  • Blockchain strategy
  • Blockchain scenario analysis for your company and/or industry
  • Proof-of-concepts
  • Technical audits
  • Technical implementations
  • Maintenance after successful implementations

Our Team

Löyly consists of 10  seniors specialists having vast experience in fintech, cryptography, legal, financial services, strategy consultancy and banking industries. Having strong business and technological acumen is just not enough for us. We also have strong academic background in our operations and continue to participate in academic discourse. In addition the co-founders have a strong infosec critical project and process competencies.


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